Welcome to GNC’s monthly Blog, this Blog will home in on areas that will effect us in day to day life – lifestyle and fitness will be addressed, if you are interested in us homing in on a certain area please feel free to get in contact with us!



Almost a year has past with Covid- 19 still very much in our lives and taking our freedom/ normality as we once knew it.

Being put into lockdown 3.0 (as I like to call it) was definitely not how we all wanted to start the New Year, and we are all rooting for 2021 to be much better than 2020.

The Lockdown has definitely taken away many people’s positivity and motivation for day to day life. Finding the motivation for even the smallest daily tasks can seem like a massive chore, and negativity seems to be rife, So doing a workout may be the last thing on people’s minds when they are just trying to get through another day.

This blog is from GNC FITNESS STUDIO –  to help those of you that are struggling, and we would like to share with you all the ways in which we implement certain practices in our daily routines – in order to adapt to lockdown life and make you feel empowered.

1. My first top tip is every evening to write out a productivity list to follow the next day.  This list can have some of the smallest daily tasks on it or even things like ‘Wash Hair’ or ‘Water the plants’.  Once you have completed the tasks on your list you cross it off, and in doing it is making you mindful of the productivity in your day – and this shall bring a sense of achievement to the individual. This should leave you feeling happier and more positive about life in general. If you don’t manage to complete a task, then don’t stress… let it roll over to the following day.

2. Begin a meditation routine. This does not have to be 15/20 minutes long.  Start with just off with a small time frame of 2-3mins of sitting still every morning. Downloading an App like ‘Calms’ or ‘Headspace’ can be really helpful to guide your meditation session. Have no preconceptions of what your meditation should feel or look like just, simply let your breath flow – in through the nose…. and out through the mouth – LONG, DEEP breaths. I’ve also attached one of my own meditation videos which I hope you can enjoy and use. In doing this it will simply give you a chance to process how you’re feeling. Therefore becoming more level headed, and not letting your emotions control you. This way, you are able to change negative thoughts to positive ones – and be more motivated to take on the day.

3. Set yourself a personal goal for your health body and mind. This could be anything, for example:

  • Start a skin care regime to stick to every day and night.
  • Learn a language (for when we can go on holidays again 😂)
  • Do that online course you may have been meaning to do
  • Learn a new craft
  • Learn how to bake healthy treats
  • Learn a new recipe
  • Run 5k 2 times a week, Hoddesdon have some great running routes.
  • Take part in some online workouts, exercise classes.
  • Take on a Personal Training session.
  • Create an On demand timetable of classes to keep you on track.

These are just some examples. But make it personal to you and something you will be able to stick to consistently during lockdown period…  and know that this has kept you motivated through this time. These 3 points are definitely what helped me to not only survive, but thrive through lockdown 1 and lockdown 2. Without them I don’t feel I would have been so positive, motivated and confident.

We are all capable of implementing these things, so that these lockdowns don’t get the better of us.

So stay motivated and join GNC in the fight!

Remember that this situation is only temporary AND together, we have all got this 💪🏻💪🏻 🖤🖤

Team GNC 😘