In life balance is needed to ensure we don’t fall into the ‘Burn out’ trap!

Keeping balance in our work/life ratio can be hard to master and something that has to be worked on. The same applies in fitness, fitness classes, going to a studio class or gym its great to have a consistent fitness regime but just as important to ensure you allow your body to rest and recover.

Not only for your physical, Health, well-being but also your mental well-being too.

Constantly putting your body under physical stress, there will come a point where your body will start to shut down, no longer respond to your fitness, work out routine. Progression will start to Plato and it will become disheartening to not see the results which then can potentially lead to stopping/give up striving to reach the individuals fitness and exercise goals.

Below are some things you can try to implement in your daily life and fitness regime to try restore some sense of balance and to avoid burning out.

  1. Sleep- ensure to try to get 7-8hrs per night. If at night you fall short of your recommended hours, try to get short day naps in to make up the short fall.
  2. Rest day- try to have one rest day a week from your fitness routine. Maybe just taking a nice walk.
  3. Self care- having a bit of self care for your body and mind. Time for YOU. Mediation, skin care regime, long bath. A bit of R&R.
  4. Time for yourself- spending time with family and friends. Making time for loved ones. Reconnecting with what you enjoy away from work.

I have found that doing even a few of the above really helped improve my work life balance, I feel more empowered by this.
So then I could be even more present and productive at work and fitness regime, feeling like my performance was better as I was rested in the body and mind, here at GNC we want to provide everyone in the Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire community with the most fitness balance, providing you with also a balance of on demand and live work outs.

Have a great day!
GNC ❤️💜💙