Claudia Masucci

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Been very fortunate to have a childhood filled with lots of sports and activities, extremely grateful for being pushed and encouraged to play netball, dance and swim. This was a big part of my life and I believe if didn’t do these clubs I wouldn’t be in the career I’m in or be the person I am today.

I always wanted to perform but after completely losing my confidence and basically being body shamed, it didn’t work out which was extremely disappointing at the time but was the right path. This lead me into doing countless of courses to teach a complete variety of fitness classes and I have never looked back.



Can’t wait for you to join us at the studio and I’m extremely positive that you will leave the studio feeling better then when you walked in!

My current qualifications:
Level 2 ETM
Level 2 gym instructor
Level 3 Personal trainer
Reformer Pilates
Body Combat
Body Balance

Cloud – In short all I want to do is give you the best workout possible and to leave you feeling more energised, confident and happy.



I’m Claudia – just call me cloud and I hope to make you feel like you are riding that feel good cloud when you have finished a workout with me!



I genuinely love making people feeling good, lifted and confident, whether it be in a high energy class or a personal training session! I find it extremely rewarding!

As well as teaching classes i am also a Personal Trainer and have had some insane client transformations. I will be adding Personal Reformer Pilates Session and really look forward to it.