Do you want to get fit, have fun, make new friends, be happIER, FITTER and STRONGER?


Join EMPOWERED Fitness by GNC!

About GNC Group Fitness

EMPOWERED Fitness Studio – a completely unique boutique fitness studio in the heart of hoddesdon town!

A family business run by myself Claudia, Geri and Natasha . Successfully running fitness classes for the past 13 years, we pride ourselves on our passion for fitness and making people feel good about themselves. We believe this is the place to be when it comes to Working out and you will just end up loving exercise!


Our goal is to Get every person who walks through that studio door feeling wicked, tapping into that fitness high and leaving the studio lifted and exhilarated!

What we offer doesn’t fall short when it comes to variety. Classes that cater for all. From high energy, heart raising HIIT Classes to a more Strip back workout like Reformer Pilates. Equally challenging and achievable for all fitness levels.

Why choose us?

Because there is no place like it in the area!

Once your booked you will be hooked and wonder why you didn’t join us sooner!

Meet The Team!

Geri Masucci

Personal Trainer


Natasha Masucci

Personal Trainer


Claudia Masucci

Personal trainer