How to Book a Class

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How to Book a Class

Step 1: Click the Drop-down tab, ‘Book a class by date’

Step 2: Press the ‘week’ button.

Step 3: Click on the class you want to book.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Date’ you want to book, ‘Time’ then click ‘Book Now’.

Step 5: Click ‘View Cart’ or the Trolley icon and proceed to checkout.

Step 6: Go to the bottom of the cart page and click the ‘Place order’ button. You’re booked YAY!


  • You must make sure you’re logged in as a member, otherwise you will be charged for the class as a non-member.
  • You can see your bookings in your account area.
  • You will get an email reminder of what you have booked.
  • If you cancel a class under 24 hours of the class starting or don’t show up to class, you will be charged for the class.

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