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GNC were established in 2010 when the three sisters found their love for the dance fitness Zumba, from then GNC have had ambitions of owning and developing their own studio!

GNC have been dancing from the age of 3 and all three sisters went to performing arts college.

It’s been GNC Group fitness dream to run a studio catering for all ages introducing the whole family to a healthy way of living. GNC have been running classes in hoddesdon, cheshunt, ware and hertford for 7 years and built a community of fitness enthusiasts.

It means so much to GNC to now be able to provide a high level of fitness classes to impact on the local communities physical and mental wellbeing of everyday life on a daily basis.

GNC Classes range from yoga, insanity, bounce, Boxxfit, pound, Zumba, LBT, chair based exercise, kids, baby classes and many more.

GNC are extremely passionate and committed about ensuring a healthy and happy lifestyle is provided for families and individuals in the Hertfordshire area.